What's with all of the different music files?

I am placing a link to itunes music in most of my current marketing.  It is considered appropriate to do so.  However, I purchase music from Amazon Mp3 I do so because Amazon sells a normal .mp3 file.  itunes does not.  It modifies the file slightly so that you are limited to how many devices you can play it on and how many times you can share it.  I want full access to my music files and so I choose to purchase my music from Amazon.  

A .wav file (such as the one available on my website) is many times the size of an mp3.  It is what you hear when you play a CD through a stereo system.  My pricing on the file is quite arbitrarily made for the sake of giving supporters an opportunity to support my music through a unique purchase.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in more reasonable pricing.  I'm pretty loose with the discount codes.  

Click here to purchase my single as an mp3 from Amazon.