I love that my Sanskrit teacher, Manorama, calls Sanskrit the luminous language.  In my twenties I came to the conclusion that our language was embedded in our culture, was embedded in hatred, domination, lies, violence, and ultimately fear, and therefore we needed to create structural change by retooling language.  Singer Tracy Chapman apparently felt the same way and released "New Beginning" in which she literally called for new signs, symbols and language.  And yet, here was this realized, liturgical, luminous language which has mathematical resonance already waiting for our study and use.  Sanskrit mantras are powerful tools for positive change.  I choose to remember how potent this language is in supporting the expansion of peace and harmony on the planet.  Each mantra is a prayer, an offering, an invocation for positivity and growth.  

Many practitioners and teachers of yoga hesitate to use sanskrit, often due to difficulty with pronunciation.  Here is a link to just one of Manorama's resources on pronunciation of key yogic terms.  (She has many to choose from).