Fasting as a Shamanic Practice

Fasting is a transformative discipline which has many benefits.  I have found that green juice fasting can be downright pleasant.  It has been many years since my last fast and I have forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  There is benefit to taking time for yourself and the act of doing so can become art.  I can live completely forgetting the practice of remembering myself, so remembering has become meaningful.

In my first experiences of fasting, I had my attention on weight loss.  I have separated from fasting for so much time because I didn't want to use fasting in that manner any longer.  I have settled most of my internal conflicts about it and feel ready to proceed with fasting as a part of my life.  During the past six months, intermittent fasting has helped me understand and reconcile many things.  The largest reconciliation is that body maintenance is an act of love and care.  It is not a a punishment for wrongdoings.  More and more often, when I eat I am not fearful or guilty, no matter what I am consuming.  When I am fearful or guilty, I am aware of it.  It might not be a reflection of the change I am cultivating, but it is not permanent.  Our mentality around food as Americans is riddled with guilt.  Stress slows the metabolism.  

Which brings me to my focus for this fast.  The superpower which was revealed to me in my first fast was an unending ocean of de-stressing ability.  My first fast was water-only for seven days.  I had connected the fast emotionally/mentally to reducing my attachment to things, people, even ideas.  To reduce limiting beliefs.  This intention opened up a deep, quiet patience in me that opened up only once before in my life during the first few weeks of my first daughter's birth.  This motherly, open, wide, endless nature allowed me refuge and introduced me to my higher self (in both scenarios).  If stress slows the metabolism, is it possible that this soothing nature revealed in the "fast" speeds the metabolism?

I intend to literally observe a fast.  I intend to snuggle close to this feminine energy and watch the workings of my egoic mind reveal wisdom for healing.  March 19 I will begin.  5 days is my goal, but I am open to longer if it feels right.  I will share truths from the deep as I dive in.  And my green juice recipe.  And recipes for exiting the fast.  I would love to hear from you as well.  Please click on the title of this post to comment at the end of the article with your support, love, ideas for mediation and clarity, and recipes!