Day 2 Morning


I want to make a quick entry this morning because I have the feeling it will be a full day.  I was strong this morning, minimal nausea or weakness.  I lingered in bed for an hour before making my first green juice.  This is something I focus on in fasting.  The morning sets the pace for the day and without the proper maintenance the night before I wake up sick and weak.  I developed a practice which has helped to make mornings better.  In order to apply it, I have to end up with remaining stamina in the evening.

The practice is to make an evening green juice.  By the end of the day I no longer want to drink the green juice, let alone make one and clean the juicer.  But I feel greatly fortified after drinking it and I sleep better and with less body pain.  So each night I promise myself I will make a green juice.  Last night I did not.  I only had enough ingredients to make a morning juice and the morning juice can be mandatory for remaining upright.  Since I didn't know what to expect of my strength in the morning, I decided to save the ingredients for the morning and instead have a detox tea focused on my kidneys and drink water consistently through the night.

It seems to have worked well.  The morning juice has been consumed, the juicer is clean and I will now start working on my body.  My neck is the first area to need care.  I hope your morning flows nicely.  I am thinking of my restorative class which has just started.  My boyfriend is subbing the class (and all my classes), which feels right and righteous.  He has definitely taken on his own discipline as a show of support.