Discipline and Mantra


When I decided to observe this fast I pulled out a translation of the yoga sutras and opened to a random page.  As you might already know, I call this a random read.  This is the page I opened up to.  I thought it was a nice tie-in to my use of the word "superpower" in my previous blog post about the gift I discovered through fasting.  Fasting is a favored self-discipline, and it has afforded me great progression spiritually.

From another spiritual perspective, I read in a gnostic bible that Jesus advised his followers to fast one day for every year of sinning they wished to neutralize.  

I have not yet chanted or played music at all.  Reading this excerpt reminds me to get to work. 

I just felt a hunger pang and reached for my ever-present glass of water.  The old tactic from dieting works.  (Most often when you feel hunger pangs you are actually thirsty.  Before going to the refrigerator to eat, one replaces the action with drinking a large glass of water in order to discern thirst from hunger).  In the case of fasting, this tactic of answering hunger pangs with water causes me to keep hydrating throughout the day.