Day 3

Here it is.  Day 3 is challenging.  It is advised that in order to experience full benefit from a fast, it is best to complete three days.  I understand that intermittent fasting is becoming popular and understood as a weight maintenance technique, but this just refers to fasting for health improvement, organ relief and reducing acidity levels in the body.  Shorter fasts are a great way to become more familiar with the practice of fasting and to develop the relationship with it that will allow for more and more success in fasting. 

One of the major issues in American health is the acid-forming diet.  Copious processed, high-fat dark meat and refined food products leave our bodies forming acid in the body.  Extended fasts bring the body toward alkaline which is a boon for physical health.  Cancer and viruses thrive in an acidic environment.  They can not survive in an alkaline environment.  Stress also moves our body chemistry toward acidic.

When I learned about green juice, I felt as though it was a beautiful answer to taking control of personal health.  Green juice brings the body into a more alkaline state.  Consuming large amounts of fresh, big leafy greens also does this.  David Wolf states that raw vegans should consume large amounts of raw, leafy greens daily in order to maintain strength, stamina, and better muscle tone than meat eaters.  He very convincingly notes the muscle development on gorillas who spend most of their day slowly chewing enormous amounts of leaves.

Right now I am weak and I found it difficult to get out of bed today.  It was almost necessary to break the making of the green juice into stages.  In total, it takes about 10 minutes to make.  But, the feeling of a moderate headache and the possibility of losing my balance felt high.  I ended up being able to complete the making of the juice and partially clean the juicer before it was very necessary to sit down.  I do not feel nausea today.  I do think that my diet preceding the fast was moderate.  It certainly was not a cleansing diet, steadfastly preparing the system for the change, but it was not unhealthy either.  The fewer toxins you have in your body before fasting, the less the body shows signs of detoxification such as headache and nausea.

I will be sitting for meditation soon and will start to focus on the higher aspects of the fast.  As you know I am interested in watching the ego manipulate for food.  So far it has surprisingly not occurred.  I will write a post regarding "cheating," due to the fact that my 10-year old daughter drew out the most interesting conversation regarding cheating.  It felt like I was talking to my own inner child.

More.  Soon.  Enjoy your day.  Savor your food.  Hydrate your body.  Be in light.