What are you Doing for the Weekend??

I am grateful for my daughter for continually igniting and supporting my creative journey.  I am so passionately a part of her creative journey, but as a mother I tend to get lost along mine.  With so many responsibilities, I admittedly have allowed myself to drown in the overwhelm of never being finished.  We began today studying and discussing musical artists who challenged us philosophically and yet inspired us creatively, and then moved on to bullet journal artists as a way to calm our nerves and support our sense of hope and Self.  (There was also a brief 4-hour period of rehearsal for a wedding in which I sang John Legend and Jason Mraz songs which the girls learned long ago and decided to sit in and harmonize upon).

In the process we decided to try Skillshare.  We are both browsing the classes and are further inspired along our pathway.  I want to study in every category they cover.  If you are interested in writing, blogging, web design, coding, illustrating, music, film, wellness, or other creative fields, this website comes highly recommended by some of our favorite creative folk on the interwebs.  If you click on this link I'm sharing you can try it for 2 months for free (which is exactly what I just did from someone else's site).  

Try Skillshare with me and tell me what you think!