The Mindful Yoga Practice: It Takes Work to Find Ease

Yoga develops your ease in precarious situations. Our true point of focus becomes apparent when we explore balance poses. It is easy for us to suddenly become aware of other people watching, begin to judge our actions, compare our success with those around us, etc. For most of us, the challenge of balancing is confounding and not at all easeful. This can be said about many postures in yoga. And yet ease is a fundamental element of a yoga practice. Far from lacking ambition, not trying, or laziness, ease is actually cultivated by practicing with constant attention and focus. When ease is developed in a pose, there is an opportunity to explore even further on what becomes a limitless journey toward unfolding the inner self. Modifying and conserving energy through an intense practice can offer expansion in your general expression of poses, allowing you to express poses more purely than if you are continually at your edge. Practicing to develop ease challenges our tendency toward vanity in physical practice and reminds us to monitor sensations in our body and gauge our practice accordingly.