The Mindful Yoga Practice: The Edge

Meeting your edge, your limit, is an enlightening process in yoga. As you change and manipulate the body’s position, pain, discomfort, itching, burning, mental resistance, and other signs of your limitation will arise in different parts of your body. As we practice with awareness and compassion in our bodies, we discover that these sensations have a range to explore within the expression of the pose. Noticing where a lack of ease arises, how it intensifies as you start to move deeper, and where the sensation increases to a place of absolute exit is an unlimited opportunity for deeper personal understanding.

Consciously exploring your edge is a skill and a gift, once developed. It can cause you to understand new depths of your intelligence as your mind begins to interact with your body. Maintaining curiosity and mental openness will block and dissipate self-defeating mind patterns. It can expand into noticing and paying attention to your edge in all life matters.

The edge is the key to ultimate transformation, beyond the perfected body and residing in the perfected soul. When you can witness your edge, learn its lesson, and move beyond it you have learned to listen to yourself. You have located the inner guru and your path will always be a guided one.