People ask me every day if I still sing. I don’t sing locally very often in common venues. I do sing locally very often in one venue. I include mantras that I work with in the yoga classes that I teach. Sanskrit mantra has been an expanding experience from the first moment I found it.

On January 7, I am releasing 3 newly adapted mantras on an 11-track album. I have presented the songs in an order and arrangement to help you learn the mantras naturally and easily. I am a fan of karaoke, and I realized that if I took out certain vocal tracks, you would be encouraged to supply them yourself. I can’t encourage you enough to find ways to sing positive things. We are suggestible, and we can use that aspect of ourselves to bathe in empowering and appreciative feelings.

On January 12, I will be offering the first opportunity to hear these songs performed and I will be teaching the mantras as well. I am collaborating with Cathie Caccia and Shawn Phillips to create Soul Ignition: A Hatha and Bhakti Immersion. Cathie will lead a specially-crafted 90-minute yoga sequence and then Shawn and I will perform and teach the mantras from my new album. This is a unique opportunity to discover, explore, or expand your ability to open your heart and feel through sound and movement and I hope you make the time for it. The event will be at Zenergy in Ketchum. It is open to members and non-members. Non-members receive access to the Zenergy facility for the entire day of the event. For more information, please click here.