yin yoga


Bob Cooley, The Genius of Flexibility


I teach five Yin Yoga classes a week now.  In a town where many yoga practitioners exit the classroom looking like they have bathed in their own sweat, it would make sense that the opposite end of the spectrum would become popular in contrast.  (Little does the beginning Yin Yoga practitioner anticipate the beads of sweat that begin to pop out while deep in pigeon).  Yin Yoga is said to work on the fascia.  This link that I have provided is not for a Yin Yoga practitioner, but rather a specialist in the area of fascia.  Many of his postures are reflective of yoga poses, but his approach is slightly more focused upon working to make something occur in the fascial tissue in order to actively heal the body.

My teaching in class is inspired also by Roger Jhanke, a qigong specialist, who discusses the measurable electromagnetic field emanating from the water which runs through the fascia.  In his book The Healing Promise of Qi, Jhanke describes the fascia as a "liquid crystalline lattice."  My discussion of a person's energy field, aura, or subtle body typically begins by describing the fascia as a way of grounding these topics of feeling in the gross manifest.